Monday, August 3, 2009

Meeska Mooska Happy Birthday!

Wow, what a start to a busy day. thankfully it didn't end as it started. You know when you are just dozing kind of on the edge of asleep and awake and having dreams. Well, it was morning and that's what i was doing...I was dreaming about my regrets after the party (of course thinking it was real). I was disappointed with myself that I hadn't taken any pictures during the party;...and I forgot to put the placemats I made the kids into their goody bags;...and we got so sidetracked that we forgot to do the pinata; ...and I didn't put up the two posters I made for the party....Wait a minute...I don't remember putting up the posters....Suddenly I jolt awake and exclaim,"THAT'S WHY!" I roll over and ask my hubby if today is Liam's birthday. After the shock of being woken up, he replys, "Yes". So I jump out of bed and my day begins....

Upon arrival of the guests we gave them Mickey Mouse ears and played them music from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

For lunch we served Mickey Mouse hotdogs (of course) and played The Hot Dog Song, Pluto chocolate milk, Goofy Garden veggies (veggies & dip), Daisy's Fruit Garden (fruit platter & dip), Donald's Cheese and Quackers.

And for dessert was a Mickey Mouse Cake.

After we had cake, Liam wanted to open presents.
He got a set of drums,

2 guitars,

and a music studio/keyboard.

He announced he's gonna be a rock star!

as well he got a new diego backpack for school and clothes,

an automatic Nerf gun,

and a Beanie type Spiderman pillow.

The kids had so much fun playing with the instuments we almost didn't get around to the pinata...but we did.

Also they made Mousekespotters out of paper towel rolls that they decorated and then spotted matching shapes I had hung from the ceiling that matched shapes I had. Also they blew bubbles outside and danced to Mickey Mouse music. Everyone had a great time and best of all I didn't forget anything! :)
Wow my "little" boy is now 4 and going to preschool twice a week.
In this picture is what autumn proudly made for Liam. while i was making decorations, she was making the letters for her brother's name and wanted it put on the wall for all to see.

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