Thursday, September 24, 2009


I know lots of people have said it but it is SSOOO should come with a manuel. You know, an instruction book so "when all else fails, read the instructions!" :) I'm sure it's no big deal compared to what some people have to deal with or even what I have yet to look forward to as my young children grow up into teenagers and then young adults, but still.... My most recent parenting struggles have been with my daughter, a very strong-willed individual. When she doesn't want to do something (ie, eat what's on her plate, stop doing something when asked, ect), she won't! I know that I have to be firm and be consistent but , that's easier said than done, now where is that instruction manual?!?!? Also another thing that is very annoying is something my youngest has started. Everytime he's told "no" he can't have/do something, he esponded "You hate me!" and/or "I hate you!". I've tried explaining the meaning of the word hate and that'snot what he really means, I've also tried ignoring his comment so as not to give him the attention he may be seeking, but he still continues to do it!!! Now where is that manual?!?!?!? HELP!!!, what should I do? When I'm not around people say how good my kids are but when I'm present, they are totally different individuals.
I'm sure you may have already seen this video before but I still laugh when I see it. It's so true, how many of thse things that are parents said and we swore we'd never say that to our kids but now that WE are the parents, guess what we find ourselves saying?!
Click here and enjoy. :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer 2009

Hi Everyone! Sorry i've been kinda MIA around the blogosphere this past couple of months. As the leaves are starting to turn color and fall off the trees and get ready for school to start, one might kind of argue "did we have a summer?!" Yes, yes we did, and a busy one at that. Here are some highlights of my summer. Just before the end of school in June, a friend of mine hosted her husband's 40th surprise birthday part. It was great fun, especially the demolition derby

Then shortly after the kids were done school I started picking up alot of shifts. For two different weeks the kids stayed with grandparents while Cliff & I were able to work the same shifts together. When they were home, we still worked but opposite shifts so that one would bring the kids to work and the other take them home again. My 0.2 (every other weekend) turned nto 0.8 - 1.0 AKA full-time (with overtime occasionally)

In July, I turned 36 and Cliff, the kids & I ventured on a road trip to Regina for 3 days. While there we visited the Saskatchewan Museum and Lego Exhibit that Wynn had his heart set on. We also went to Moose Jaw as it close and went on a tour of the Tunnels. Very well done and eye-opening to see how terribly we treated Chinese immigrants. Next time we go back, we are going to do the other tour re the gangs of Al Capone.

At the end of June we thought we'd be bringing our new Schizu-Bichon x puppy home but that was changed after she broke her leg. :( All July we kept contact with Cookie and her owner to see how she was doing and eager to bring her home. We finally got the ok the 1st week of August and were able to bring Cookie Oreo Ryden home on August 11, 2009. She has quickly become a part of our family. Granted a few things I thought i was done with, I'm NOT now. For example I was so happy when Liam finally didn't need pull-ups anymore and I no longer found puddles of pee on the floor. Now it's the whole potty training thing all over again. And childproofing/ gate is back by the stairs, can't leave anything you don't want chewed on the floor...

Speaking of Liam, he had a MIckey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party and turned 4 last month. My "baby" is now going to be going to "Kindergarten Here We Come" (preschool) this twice a week year. By next year when he starts kindergarten, I'll have all three kids in school full-time.

Also in August, the kids had two two week sessions of swimming lessons. All my kids are like fish and love being in the water. Just watching them is making me think I should take swimming lessons as the two older, especially one, can swim better than me by a long shot. Great thing about taking swimming lessons at the Y is NO MOSQUITOES!!!!! :)

This summer was very cold and wet (see here ). However we have been blessed with a beautiful September. we finally managed to take two family outings that had to cancelled earlier in the summer due to inclement weather. First, we went to Tinkertown, a family amusement park and second, we went fishing at Lockport the weekend before school was to start.

Both Autumn & Wynn have met there new teachers and classes and are enjoying being back at school. Liam will start in 2 days. He has grown up alot in the last year so I'm hoping that he will also enjoy the school experience and it won't be hard for either of us to part for the 2 1/2 hours. As we gear up for the new school year, we are busy getting the kids registered in their progrms. Wynn heard the call of the wild last spring and so has moved up from Beavers to Cubs (scouting). He has his new uniform and starts tomorrow. Autumn has decided to give up Rhythic Gymnastics this year and try Pee Wee Cheerleading. Not to mention their swimming lessons start again on Friday, which has been on break for the last two weeks. And then right after that is Autumn's 6th birthday party ....AHHHHH!, and I thought things were slowing down.....NOT!

Guess I better post this update (which I've been trying to work on for the last week. If I take too much longer I fear it will turn into the project my "Christmas" newsletter did that wasn't mailed until a month late. So much to look forward to and I'm hoping to be able to keep my blog (and you) updated. :)