Thursday, September 24, 2009


I know lots of people have said it but it is SSOOO should come with a manuel. You know, an instruction book so "when all else fails, read the instructions!" :) I'm sure it's no big deal compared to what some people have to deal with or even what I have yet to look forward to as my young children grow up into teenagers and then young adults, but still.... My most recent parenting struggles have been with my daughter, a very strong-willed individual. When she doesn't want to do something (ie, eat what's on her plate, stop doing something when asked, ect), she won't! I know that I have to be firm and be consistent but , that's easier said than done, now where is that instruction manual?!?!? Also another thing that is very annoying is something my youngest has started. Everytime he's told "no" he can't have/do something, he esponded "You hate me!" and/or "I hate you!". I've tried explaining the meaning of the word hate and that'snot what he really means, I've also tried ignoring his comment so as not to give him the attention he may be seeking, but he still continues to do it!!! Now where is that manual?!?!?!? HELP!!!, what should I do? When I'm not around people say how good my kids are but when I'm present, they are totally different individuals.
I'm sure you may have already seen this video before but I still laugh when I see it. It's so true, how many of thse things that are parents said and we swore we'd never say that to our kids but now that WE are the parents, guess what we find ourselves saying?!
Click here and enjoy. :)

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