Thursday, March 6, 2008

101 Things About Myself

  1. I was born in New Zealand

  2. We moved to Canada when I was 2 months old

  3. I've never been back, until......

  4. I'm going to New Zealand this summer to celebrate my Aunt & Uncle's Anniversary

  5. I have a half-brother and a half-sister, each of whom I've never met

  6. Each of the above came from seperate parents of mine during their relationships prior to marrying one another. (My father and my mother, respectively)

  7. I grew up with my father and mother for the 1st five years of my life in Alberta

  8. My dad remarried to our housekeeper

  9. The rest of my years at home were spent in a blended family

  10. I attended grades 3-12 in New Brunswick

  11. When I was 21, I moved to Winnipeg to live with my birth mother whom I had not seen since I was 8 years old

  12. I attended university at the University Of Manitoba

  13. I received my Bachelor of Nursing in 2000

  14. I met my husband in nursing

  15. We both graduated and were married in 2000

  16. Our first child (son) was born in 2001

  17. My son is the 7th generation of first born males to have his name

  18. I was pregnant 5 times, and have 3 kids

  19. I helped assist and teach French at a local Christian school during my grade 12 year

  20. I personally completed 63 P.A.C.E.'s

  21. I spent one year in Seoul, Korea teaching at a Christian school

  22. I spent 3 months in Paraguay homeschooling a Korean family (2 kids)

  23. I still don't fully understand how God took care of me during a trip to Japan to renew my visa

  24. After I graduated, I nursed in Palliative Care

  25. Now I work/nurse in a Long-Term Personal Care setting

  26. I have never been to Europe

  27. Both my husband and I would like to tour there sometime

  28. I enjoy flying

  29. I am 34 years old and never held a full driver's licence

  30. I have epilepsy that is controlled with daily medication

  31. I have been seizure free for 3 1/2 years

  32. I attended French Immersion in grades 7-12

  33. Although I was bilingual when I graduated, I know I'm not now

  34. I am right-handed

  35. I've never worn braces but probably should have

  36. In grade 3, I had to take speech therapy for "s" and "th" sounds

  37. We drive a mini-van

  38. My son is in soccer, so I guess that makes me a soccer mom

  39. I memorized over 2000 Bible scriptures in 2 1/2 years

  40. When I sing, I make a "joyful noise"

  41. I sang in a church choir and during the Easter Korean

  42. I enjoy arts and crafts

  43. I think I'd like scrapbooking if I could ever find the time

  44. I'm a packrat

  45. I'm stubborn; I like to say I'm tenacious ("stubborn in a good way")

  46. I don't have just one favorite color

  47. The colors in my wedding were peach & teal

  48. I like to wear green's, brown's, and earth tones

  49. My mom's husband nicknamed me Toad

  50. I had frogs on my wedding invitations and cake

  51. I collect frogs

  52. My upstairs bathroom is decorated with frogs

  53. My main bathroom is decorated with Winnie The Pooh

  54. My kitchen & dining room are decorated with ivy

  55. I've never broken a bone

  56. I have no food allergies

  57. I'm allergic to penicillin

  58. My husband is also allergic to Penicillin

  59. My maiden name is the same (pronounciation but not spelling) as my husband's mother's (mil) maiden name

  60. My birthdate is the same date as my mil & fil's anniversary as well as my husband's brother & his wife's anniversary

  61. I've been to the top of the Calgary Tower but not the CN Tower

  62. I dislike snakes

  63. I don't like raw onions

  64. But I cook with onions as long as they are cut up small....

  65. I like ham and green olive pizza, thanks to my hubby

  66. I didn't go to my high school prom

  67. I'm currently practicing to get my full driver's licence and now understand why they say it is easier to get when you are younger

  68. I don't know my blood type

  69. I really like Victorian style homes - turrets & wrap-around verandahs

  70. I don't have one, but like to dream that someday...

  71. I've always thought I'd like a spiral staircase

  72. I enjoy gardening

  73. I've been blogging for almost 5 months now

  74. I'm shy

  75. I value my friends

  76. I tend to have a couple close friends, rather than many fairweather friends

  77. In high school my favorite subjects were math and science

  78. My highest grade in high school was in grade 12 calculus

  79. In high school I took a course in computer programming

  80. I enjoy learning new languages and cultures

  81. I can speak some Korean, Spanish, and of course, French

  82. I've had my ears pierced 2 different times but let them grow over both times as they'd get irritated

  83. I don't have any other body piercings

  84. I know how to cook, but don't enjoy it

  85. I love to help people

  86. When I get a pet, I'd like a dog

  87. I don't like cats (for my pet) but I tolerate other people's cats

  88. I love to get "real" mail and/or email

  89. I have good intentions but I'm not very good at writing/sending mail to others

  90. I have a terrible sense of direction

  91. I am not a morning person

  92. I don't like having my picture taken

  93. People tell me I'm naive

  94. I used to always want long hair, now (with kids) I can't seem to keep my hair short enough

  95. I used to not be able to stand the taste of alcohol but now I drink some coolers/wines upto 6% alcohol

  96. I breastfed all my babies for the first year

  97. The only make-up I wear is mascara...sometimes

  98. I'm a fan of disney movies - animated and not

  99. I bite my nails and despite trying to quit many times...I've never yet :(

  100. I hate making decisions...I guess because I'm a "people-pleaser" (so I've been told).....actually even when others aren't involved I tend to be very indecisive.

  101. I still have all my wisdom teeth

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Simply Sara said...

Wow! Great list.

I found myself saying "me too" to a bunch of them :)

So nice to meet you!