Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy First Day Of Spring!

Today is officially the first day of spring!! :) Well, the snow isn't gone like somebody had predicted it may be. However it is defenitly melting quickly and the kids have been wearing their rubber boots in the midday as all the frozen puddles from the moring/evening are big water puddles to splash in in the afternoon. I also packed up the majority of the winter hats, scarves and mitts leaving out only a pair of each for everyone to use during the cooler times of the day. Also, today i got a package I've been waiting for since I ordered it last month. Some Winsor pilates DVD's and a body sculpting circle. I haven't been actively trying to lose weight now for a while since it was so cold until now that the day time temps with windchill averaged around -35 to -40 degrees. And someone always seemed to be sick during January and February so I was always busy taking care of my family and looking after myself (eating properly and exercising daily) just kind of happened whenever I could fit it in. Well, I'm thinking a good way to start off this spring would be to get back on the "weight loss wagon" with my new DVD's and the warmer weather. I just weighed myself and I'm still the same as I was when I seemed to stop losing weight last month - 140 pounds. On a positive note, I guess I should be glad I haven't gained. But I'm also not that surprised, as I know the concern isn't my diet but rather getting enough exercise daily to create that deficit needed to lose weight.

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