Saturday, March 1, 2008

Another Pregnancy

Now I have your attention...LOL! Honestly, how many of you were getting excited (?) thinking that title meant I was physically pregnant again!? What I was referring to was the status of my last post. If any of you went to the TopMamma site to check out my pic/blog and didn't see my pic you were prob like me. I keep checking and haven't seen it yet! what's happening? Well apparently, according to their FAQ- "Why Is It Taking So Long For My Pic To Show Up?"....Their response is that they want to give you as much time as possible on the front page, so they only publish a couple pics every day. So, it's entirely possible that it may take a couple days, even weeks, for your blog to show up. In other words, consider it my "Top Mamma Pregnancy"- except without the stretch marks and constant need to pee...and the additional weight gain! Now that's a pregnancy I like!

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