Thursday, March 27, 2008


If at first you don't succeed, try again! Many of you know I went for a road test hoping to get my full driver's licence March 19, 2008. And I came home depressed that I didn't get it. Everything seemed to be going so well but I didn't signal going around (passing) ice and snow on the side of the road and that all added up to a failure. Anyway, I went again today....and I passed!!!:) I now have my full driver's licence, now I can drive my kids to school, extra-curricular activities, or whatever and myself to work granted my husband doesn't need the van. Next step is now for us to find and purchase a small car that is fuel-efficient so my husband can use is driving to work and back on his full-time schedule. Yay again for me!!! :D Sorry, I know I shouldn't gloat but I was beginning to think this would never happen and I'd always just be talking about it.

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J said...

Yay Rach! Way to go! Congratulations!!! Woooooo!!!