Monday, March 3, 2008

Road Test

Well, today I just finished my tenth of ten driving lessons. According to my instructor, he thinks he can't teach me anymore re. driving. The rest just comes with experience. Today we practiced parallel parking. Actually it was quite easy once you know the "tricks" and of course if you find the optimal parking spot in the real world, like the precisely measured poles on the test. Anyway, my news is that he booked my road test for the morning of March 18th. On one hand I'm excited that I'm so close to getting my Full driver's licence but on the other hand I'm worried, "Am I good enough to pass the test with a tester who's main job is to find a reason not to give you a licence?" Hopefully I will have lots of opportunities between now and then to practice and get up my confidence. I'm not one to begin with with an abundance of self-confidence. Any tips from you experienced drivers as to how to relax and not screw up?

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