Monday, July 20, 2009

A Note From Cookie

As many of you know we have been in the process of getting a puppy for a couple months now. When they were born, the owner (Val) started emailing me pics regularly. We were excited to pic up our puppy at the end of June but just 4 days prior she had an accident and broke her leg....long story short, we are still waiting. After her vet appt. in July Cookie sent us an update:

Hi Winn, Autumn, & Liam,
I am a big girl now so I'm sending my own emails.
I went to the vet last week and had another Xray to check out my sore leg. She said it's getting lots better but I should wait to come home to your house until it's better yet just so we don't hurt it again when we get playing. I love to run & chase and jump and all those things that puppies and kids like to do.Rick & Val are going away for a holiday so I'm going to stay with Linda ( a nice lady that works for my vet) It's too hot where they are going so I can't go with them. While they are away Linda will take me back to the vet for another Xray so as soon as Rick & Val get home I will get them to help me send another email to let you know what's happening about my leg.
I weigh 3.4 pounds now and I'm the only puppy left here so now my best friend is Toni because her & I are in the house more than even my Mom. We have a big pen outside now to keep us safe and give us room to run and play.I get so tired I go into my kennel in the house and sleep without Val even putting me there. I like to get up about 6:00 in the morning to go out for a pee and then sleep on a blanket that's not in my kennel. I'm still the boss and I'm not scared of anything or anybody. I'm always getting into mischief. Well it's bedtime now. I'm waiting patiently until I get to come home with you guys.
Love Cookie

We'll let you know when we actually get her home!! :)

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