Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hello everyone. The kids may be on vacation but I've been working more than I think I have for a long time. I'm at work right now counting down the minutes...only 1hour and 15 min to go before I'm finished my nineth shift of nine in a row. Hubby works for one week and then he is officially (and I am too) on vacation. On the 20th I turn 36 and then on the 21st we are off to Regina for our 3 day trip. I will tell you all about it when we get back.

Speaking about the kids, they were at their Grandparents' for a week and just got back yesterday. Nothing like not having your kids around to make you realize just how much you appreciate them AND THEIR NOISE. Sure while they were gone I'd clean up and it would stay clean but honestly I'll take their constant messes anytime over not having them around. I think my hubby put it best the first day they were away. He said, "sure I like it quiet but this is so quiet it's almost eerie!"

The kids went to visit Cookie, our puppy, while they were out there and say she was running around on her leg. The owner says we may be able to bring her home in a week or so. :D!!!! Not much else to tell you about but i'm sure in the next couple weeks I'll have lots of news. How is your summer going?

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