Monday, December 10, 2007

A Busy Weekend

Whew! Am I glad that weekend is we can slow down a bit. :) Cliff & I went to his work Christmas party on Friday. Saturday afternoon, Autumn had her winter show for rhythmic gymnastics and Wynn also had his Christmas sleepover that day for Beavers. Then, on Sunday (before I returned from the sleepover with Wynn), a friend came over to start painting the walls of the hallway and staircase as the walls are so high and I really had no idea how "I" was going to do it. I don't have pics from the party but I must say that Cliff sang Kareokee (not bad I must say) and I danced some. (Probably a good thing I don't have pics of that! :)!) I also don't have pics of the painting as it is still in process, instead I'll post pics of when it is done. However, I DO HAVE pics of my kids and their w/e activities.
AUTUMN: (sorry I didn't get the pics edited yet, hope they are not too dark)


Making Christmas crafts

Rolling out their personal pizza crust

A little bit of tomato sauce then toppings

It's done & looks good...Let's eat!

Storytime around the campfire

Breakfast time - making breakfast burritos

Stick the tail on the beaver

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