Wednesday, December 12, 2007

He's so excited :)

My six year old has his first loose tooth! On the way home from school, Wynn announced, "I have some exciting news to tell you! But since you are cold, I'll tell you my exciting news as soon as we get home." (The tempurature was dropping as we were walking home from school, so yes I had asked everyone to walk quicker as mommy was getting cold!) True to his word, as soon as we got in the door, Wynn told us he has his first loose tooth. The front right one on the bottom, and we all got to wiggle it. Many other kids in Wynn's class and his cousin who is 2 days younger than him have all had their first loose tooth long ago, some are even missing two. How old were your kid(s) (if applicable) when they got their first loose tooth?


Andrea R said...

Emma is almost 7 and just lost her last front tooth.

Meaghan was the longest and didn't lose any until she was 8.

BJ said...

This is awful! I can't remember when Luke lost his! I remember thinking how much younger he was than Cole. Cole was 6&1/2 when he had his first loose tooth. Since then he has lost five more. He'll be eight in Jan. Luke had his top four front ones pulled a couple of years ago, but he lost his front two bottom ones this past summer. I wish I could remember when. I'm not great at writing these things down. I know that Monika has lost a few and she's a week older than Luke. And Abby who is nine months younger than Cole lost some teeth long before he did. They are all different for sure!