Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Poll

As some of you know, I'm on a "Great Adventure" to lose a substantial amount of weight/ tone up. Preferably by this summer as I'm going to meet family in New Zealand in June and see friends in New Brunswick in August. I have been doing well so far but there is soooo much information out there about dieting/losing weight/exercise. Most of it from strangers....... I was wondering what my friends found to work for them. Thus the question on my new poll, scroll down to the bottom of my blog. If you like, please feel free to leave any comments advice you may have. The last thing I want is to lose a bunch of weight just to gain it all back again. Rather than a "diet" that ends, I need to find a new "way of life" that is forever. Thanks! :D


J said...

Hooray! I'm the first one to comment. I think I like that...Anyway, I know this will sound cliche, but just eating well, drinking lots of water and good exercise is key. You're on the right track!!!

J said...

PS...your Windsor Pilates DVD's are on their way!