Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Polishing The Dull Side of Life

The other day when I was surfing different blogs from last year's Ultimate Blog Party, I came across a blog Named Simply A Musing Blog, I really liked the quote at the beginnig of the blog - "If You Can't See The Bright Side Of Life, Polish The Dull Side.". This simply quote really struck me and the way I've been looking at little things so negatively lately and made me step back and see things in a different light. This week, Karen who is a Homeschooling Christian Mom is also celebrating a very special thing this week. Her 500th post!! I sure have a long way to go myself before I reach that milestone. To celebrate, she is having a giveaway. I'm sure everyone likes candles, the candle that you can enter to win is a homemade triple scented soy candle. The scent is muscadine and it burns for upto 25-30 hours. So come celebrate with Karen and leave a comment on her site.

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