Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Long Time No Post

For those of you who do check my blog frequently, I must apologize for my recent episode of going AWAL. I guess since coming back home I keep "thinking" about writing but just never seem to get around to actually "doing" it. I've been trying all day to upload some pictures to my blog post with no success....hmmmmm #$%^&*...guess I'll just have to write stuff that doesn't involve or require pictures.

Upon reading my journal that I wrote while I was in New Zealand and looking at my pictures, I've been trying to figure out something that someone asked me. Actually it was my uncle while we were still in New Zealand, "So what is the one thing that has made the biggest impression on you so far?". I don't believe I answered him at that time as I wasn't sure and I still don't know if I can pinpoint just one thing in specific. So many things were awesome - going up the skytower, the waitomo caves, the cultural show at the museum, Kelly Tarltons underwater world, the ocean, sea and beaches, all the various botanical gardens, and animals, meeting my extended family (many of them for the first time) but I think that the one thing that really struck me was the vast array of varying landscapes in such a small area. It is stunning...defenitly God's Handiwork. Seriously, for the first week I was home, whenever I closed my eyes and /or fell asleep I'd dream of the lush green forests, palms, ferns, winding roads through the hills, snowcapped mountains, sprawling farmland, rocky fjords, peninsulas, waterfront, extinct volcanoes. I know that I saw such a small piece of NZ and there is so much more I have yet to see...and in the summer but although it was often in the rain, what I did see was enough to make me fall in love with "the country of the long white cloud" and wet my appetite for more.

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