Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy First Day Of Spring!

Well, "OFFICIAL" first day but not if you looked out the still looks like winter. I must with much glee that it IS actually starting to feel like spring is in the air. I sure hope it stays this way and we don't get a nasty storm in April or even May as "Winterpeg" has been known to get. The temps have been mild and the bone chilling windchill gone allowing for the snow to start melting. Now whenever you drive on the road, you are seeing potholes everywhere (kinda like driving thru a minefield) and must avoid all the growing puddles. (Sure glad I don't have to walk the kids to school every day now or we'd be splashed/soaked daily. To mark this first day of spring the kids are looking forward to getting their bikes out today and riding them on the driveways atleast if not the road in front of our house. There is grass visible in places but unfortunately all my flower gardens are still covered in a nice white layer so no spring flowers (ie crocuses) yet. However it DOES look promising for an Easter egg hunt outside this year (unlike last year!).
HAPPY SPRING! It's been a long winter and hopefulley we can soon bid winter a farewell until next year. :D

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Dakotapam said...

Here is Bismarck we had 50 degree temps...which I celebrated with a 12 hour shift is a hospital basement! my 12 year old got his bike out as well! I'm afraid to let the other boys (read:mud magnets) out, as a mess will ensue!

Our roads are awful as well, and we have a cement stoop that was really ruined this winter, it is literally crumbling...but Spring is here and things will be fresh again!

I'm glad I found your blog!