Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Parties

In nine days, March 31 - April 8, my family has 5 birthdays to celebrate. We had my son's birthday party yesterday. Normally I go all out and do a theme party but this year I just didn't have any ideas early enough to get organized PLUS I'm working night shifts this weekend so I'm in no condition to be hosting a bunch of people at my house. So this year we did something different and had a popcorn party at the movie theater.

The kids watched the movie Monsters vs Aliens. Click the movie title to check out the trailer if you haven't seen it yet. I got off work at 7:45 am. We (3 adults and 8 kids) met at the movie theater for 12:40pm. Had birthday cake and presents in a party room for the first hour then watched the movie in a reserved seating area with popcorn and drinks provided. After, my family and both sets of grandparents met us for supper at a truckstop restaurant and we had the buffet (my son's request). It was alot of fun and surprisingly enough I stayed awake and functional through most of the day :) and napped once we came home and before I had to go back for another night shift. Rather than the usual big birthday cake we bought one from the grocery bakery that they made out of cupcakes - great idea for kids!

Next weekend, we celebrate my niece's birthday who is actually 2 days after my son's. Although it will mostly be a celbration for my niece with the kids having a sleepover and family lunch/party the next day, we will also wish a happy birthday to my sister-in-law (whose birthday is the day after my niece) and my husband and his mother (who share a birthday). I'm going to try to post some pictures tomorrow once I get them downloaded from my camera.

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