Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rachael Needs...according to Google

Here is something you can do for fun some time and see what comes up. Enter in a Google search for "your name needs" and write down the first ten (or more) things that come up. So for example I searched "Rachael needs" and according to Google, Rachael needs...-
  • to learn to accept things even if she does not like them. - HMMM...ok....
  • a late night dessert snack. -Sounds yummy! Ice-cream or perhaps cheesecake?!
  • something to do. -I have lots to do but something fun....ok... like what?
  • a fantastic bag to really finish her outfit. - yes, I'm unlike most woman, I only have ONE purse I use all the time.
  • to start acting and dressing her age. - are you saying I act immature?
  • a vacation. - DEFINITELY...I'd like to be able to afford a trip somewhere with my family.
  • to get a life and there is nothing funny about her, she is just simply annoying and too loud. - :( BOOHOOHOO, I didn't realize I offended anyone quite that much.
  • money, right now. - you can say that again.
  • your numbers! :) - ;)
  • a second, third, fourth, and fifth opinion. - are you saying I can't make up my're quite right.
  • some buddies. - I'm so lonely at times. This beautiful country of ours is just so wide.
  • to come to the end of herself and surrender control to Him. - I'm trying every day.
  • to do something with her life. - I'm also trying to do that too.
  • to work on her perimeter shooting. - ???
  • a ride. - not so much now since I got my little car in January, I can't imagine how we ever functioned with just one vehicle.
  • love :D - always or I'll wilt.
  • prayers. - AMEN!
For fun I also searched "Rachael is"-
  • that you? - maybe :)
  • having a baby. - not unless it's by immaculate conception.
  • just barely showing a laugh line or two. - gee thanks.
  • an amazing cook. - now I REALLY know you must be talking about Rachael Ray!
  • the prettier version of Rachel - YUP! :D
  • a very nice name and I have nothing against it. - I love my name.
  • not only a teacher but also a leader. - who me???...I don't think so!
  • so underrated. - I don't know about that.
  • the first admit that she isn't an expert. - ain't that the truth!
  • the picture of health. - maybe at one time when my metabolism was a bit faster.
  • on Facebook. - yes, I am.
  • under 5'3" - more like under 5' !
  • perfect if you are just plain lazy. - :)
  • my go-to-girl. - ?
  • an Honors Chemistry Major at the University of P.E.I. - I liked chemistry but a Major, I don't even have a Major in my Nursing. However I'd love to go to P.E.I.
  • back!!! - did you miss me?!

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