Sunday, April 26, 2009

Writer's Block

1) Favorite Colors:it depends... to decorate with: peach, teal; to wear: browns, greens, earth tones

2) Favorite Food: just one?? ice-cream, seafood, chinese food

3) Favorite Musical Group: I don't listen to much music that isn't kids

4) Favorite Song right now: ? I can't pick just one

5) Favorite Movie: No Reservations, Top Gun, The Holiday, Fireproof

6) Favorite Sport: Wow, these questions are really making me think and realize how little me time I have. I haven't played any sports for a long time but I have always like volleyball, badminton, soccer. I really, really enjoy WATCHING figure skating but cannot do that myself.

7) Favorite Season: Fall with Spring a close second!

8) Favorite Day Of the Week: Saturday

9) Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: chocolate chip cookie dough

10) Favorite Time of Day: bedtime after a busy day

1) Current Mood: Tired; I'm working my 2nd night shift and it is 2:12 in the morning

2) Current Taste: Raspberry flavored water

3) Current Clothes: Nursing Scrubs - solid cranberry colored pants and printed top with cats, dogs, hearts, and stethoscopes

4) Current Desktop: a pic of my 3 kids and their 2 cousins wearing there new PJ's from Grandma & Grandpa at Christmas

5) Current Music: none

6)Current Time: 2:14 am

7) Current Surroundings: I'm sitting at the nursing station with a darkened wing to either side

8) Current Thoughts: I really should be doing something useful. I will have to start doing morning rounds soon.

9) Current Status: Married ha ha

1) First Best Friend: A boy down the street named Desmond. When I was 4. We would regularly disappear together. I got a note from him asking me to marry him.

2) First Kiss: I can't really remember ... isn't that a shame?

3) First Screen Name: can't remember - Toad, I think

4) First Pet: a dog, Australian Terrier, named Jody

5) First Piercing: my ears

6) First Crush: Ummm.....? There were lots of "crushes" but none that turned into relationships

7) First Music: I can't remember, I assume this refers to professional but if not then I guess it would probably be lullabys from my mother and grandmother.

8) First Love: Cliff

1) Last Cigarette: Never smoked and never will.

2) Last Drink: Wine hubby brought home on Valentine's day

3) Last Car Ride: I drove myself here to work yesterday evening

4) Last Kiss: Last night I kissed hubby as he came to see me at the end of his shift and the start of mine just before he left to go home to sleep in our comfy bed. I hope he's catching some Z's for me too.

5) Last Movie Seen: In the theater-Monsters Vs Aliens; On DVD-Bolt

6) Last Phone Call: My sister in law (who lives 2 hours out of the city) saying they were in Winnipeg and wondered if we'd meet them for supper and if they could sleep over at our house.

7) Last CD Played: Taylor Swift (requested by my niece and daughter) Last one I played for me was "Short Term Memories" by Chris Rice

1) Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Guy/Girl Friends: Yeah...and I married him. :)

2) Have You Ever Broken the Law: Not intentionally

3) Have You Ever Been Arrested: No, knock on wood. I guess there's always a first time but I sure hope I never am.

4) Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: Ya, every chance I get. Oh, ya!

5) Have You Ever Been on TV: NO!

6) Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: I don't think I have. I may need to put that on my list of things to do before I die. (hee-hee)

1) 1 Thing You're Wearing: black underwear

2) 1 Thing You've Done Today: blog - now I'm pathetic

3) 1 Thing You're Listening To Right Now: the hum of my computer and the clacking of the keys on the keyboard as I henpeck this.

4) 1 Thing You Can't Live Without: my hubby & kids

5) 1 Thing You Do When You're Bored: Don't get bored too often, but I find it's mostly when I don't have something to keep my hands busy that that's when I bite my fingernails.

~4 PLACES YOU'VE BEEN TODAY or Yesterday as today hasn't officially stated for most people.
1. Boston Pizza
2. Dairy Queen (after supper at BP)
3. My yard
4. Work

1. Betty-Jo
2. My kids
3. Cliff, I like to think I can

1. Black or White: Black (for clothes) White (for decorating)
2. Hot or Cold: Hot

1. Make it to heaven.

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