Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas Gift Cards

From my parents in Alberta, they sent each of us (Hubby, Me, Our 3 kids) our own gift card. The kids have all been anxious to spend theirs and "get their Christmas presents from Grandma & Grandpa Colley. So we finally went to cash/spend their cards.Here are some pics I wanted to share. Autumn's gift card was for at La Senza Girl. Here she is wearing her new baby girl is growing up.

Note the fashions today are going back to the seventies. I don't mind this dress but not sure if I'll buy my daughter platform shoes.

A side view so you can see her silver headband

Liam got a Go Diego Go musical money bank that plays a song every time you put money in it (not shown). And he LOVES music so since he wouldn't let this guitar go when we were in the store. We thought that was a good bet he wanted this too.

Do you think he likes it?

My "little Rocker"

Wynn got a Gift Certificate for Future Shop so he bought an XBOX video game. That would be where he is now. Sorry, no pic.

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