Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hello There!

Just incase you were wondering if the reason I haven't posted on my blog for over week is that the NEW driver had an accident and was no more...relax and rest assured that I'm still here. However, unfortunatley that means the roads are still not a safe place to be if I'm on them. I had Driving Lesson #2/5 on Monday and lesson #3/5, today. I didn't blog after my last one as, if it had been the test, I would have failed "six ways from Sunday"! I was hoping that after today's lesson, I would have a little more upbeat and good news to tell you about. Rather, I'm very frustrated with myself right now and wondering if I'll ever get this driving thing right and be safe to let me on the roads. My instructor even commented at the end how he had noticed me sighing a lot today and wondered if I was frustrated. Behind the self disappointed tears I managed to say, "Yes". Because I'm doing things that I know AFTER the fact that I shouldn't do/have done. He proceeded to try and encourage me saying we all have bad days, perhaps it was the sun, a bad sleep, ... I would have liked to said "yeah, that's what it was...the sun, yeah!"
But I know that it was just me, there is so much to watch at once and I just have to keep practicing. Considering This is "Hump Day (3/5)" re. lessons, I'm hoping I get better next week. My final 2 lessons (of the package of 5) are next week. As it looks now, I'm thinking I'll need to schedule more lessons after the initial package.
  • Did you know it is an automatic fail on the test if you put on your brake unneccesarly?
  • I need to practice changing lanes and maintaining my speed while doing it.
  • When I turn right, slow down but DON'T stop at the corner.
  • Somehow, figure out a method that works for me to keep the car in MY lane and not veer out of it
  • Review the point of no return for stopping at a yellow light about to turn red
  • Review, Review, Review AND Practice, Practice, Practice!!!

God is a God of Miracles so please pray that by next Monday, He will work a miracle in me and make me a better driver! And would somebody, PLEASE tell me HOW they manged to pass their road test and get their driver's licence (as the GETTING it, is the hardest part. I (and probably you) have seen enough licenced drivers and the way they drive, you have got to wonder how they ever passed the driving test as they break sooo many rules. ........I hope I don't sound bitter. I'm just frustrated and dissapointed with myself.

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BJ said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. (((Rach))) I'm sure it must be very frustrating. Is there anyway Cliff could take you to a large vacant parking lot somewhere so you can just get really comfortable with the vehicle itself first, before trying to remember all the rules of the road while in motion? The first time I was on the road, I was going nearly 100!!! Because I was focusing on everything else so much. It takes time. Some people are more natural at it than others, but I'm SURE you'll get it. Chin up! You're one step closer to more independence. :)