Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm Legal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

I wrote my Learner's Test this morning and passed with only one wrong! :) I've been waiting for this day for so long. Well actually I'm half way there - one test down and one to go. Because I had a licence before the Graduated licencing program came into effect, I'm exempt from that. Inshort, that means I don't have to wait nine months before I go for my road test. I work tomorrow and Sunday at 7:30 am so Cliff says I can drive us there. I know that Cliff can be rather impatient/ not very tolerant of mistakes and since I haven't drove for so long and I'm very nervous of getting behind the wheel, I am going to take some Driver Ed courses. I'm hoping that I will gain the confidence to drive well soon quickly and I can go for my road test soon. It will make things much easier when I can drive and don't have to rely on others all the time and organize my schedule around theirs. BJ, maybe when I come out to visit in the summer I'll even be able to drive a standard transmission uphill!!! ;)

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