Monday, September 8, 2008

My Trip To New Brunswick

As much as this trip back home was different from my earlier trip to New Zealand it had enough similarities that I found myself comparing it to NZ and calling New Brunswick the " New Zealand of the North" or rather "up over" instead of down under :) I forgot just how beautiful is is out east and as beautiful a city as Winnipeg is, it's just not the same. I really understand what they mean when they say "you don't appreciate what you've got till it's gone" One reason for me going out to NB on this particular week in August was to attend the wedding (re-affirmation of vows ceremony) of a friend

(& bridesmaid) of mine I haven't seen since my own wedding 8 years ago and at the same time I was able to stay with my bestest friend (and Matron Of Honor) whom I also haven't seen since my wedding eight years ago. I finally got to meet her whole family including her 4 children I've NEVER met and the grown up 8 year old boy who was like 4 months old at my wedding. What a beautiful family you have BJ :D!
The only thing missing was for our kids to be able to meet each other and play together on the beach. It was such a rushed visit trying to do both wedding and visiting but we managed.
BJ & I went on a overnight trip to Halifax and stayed in a Victorian Bed & was awesome.

I was so excited as I've never been to Nova Scotia. Halifax was also beautiful...maybe I could even convince my coffee loving hubby to move there as these people drink so much coffee (& beer) that they are "the city that CAN'T sleep". LOL! In Halifax, we went on a tour of downtoun via road and water.

Getting there was not without it's unexpected detours such as missed exits, driving in diamond lanes ( ;) ), and a lousy co-pilot with no sense of direction. But it is all these little unexpected delays that make a trip fun & memorable. We left for NS on Wednesday amd returned back in NB Thursday in time for the rehearsal party at the lake. Wedding was Friday, it was so fun to get dressed up and see so many faces I recognized from over my time in NB and see how people I remember as children have grown into young adults. The last day before I left, The entire Edwards clan & I (8 of us) went to St Andrew's by the Sea. Another place I never did visit while I lived in NB for 14 (?) years.
It was beautiful. We had an awesome picnic lunch then walked out on the sand & rocks just before the tide started coming in.

On the way home to BJ & Greg's house we drove through my old stomping grounds and even though it was getting dark by the time we went past were I spent most of my time growing up, I still recognized alot and was amazed at how other placed had changed. I found the memories flooding back and me reminicing about what used to be and I remember when... As I kept saying such things as: we used to swim down there...; so and so lived there and..., I also was hoping that Greg & BJ weren't getting annoyed and rolling their eyes as I felt myself sometimes doing with my mom when we were in NZ and were visiting where she grew up.

With flying and airport times factored into my trip , I was actually only in NB for 5days....Defenitly NOT enough time to attend a bridal shower, rehearsal and wedding AS WELL AS visit and catch up with (or my husband says "have a cackle session") a precious friend whom I haven't seen for EIGHT YEARS!!! I so wish I could have stayed there longer.
BJ & I have agreed we will never let that many years go by again between visits...Heck in eight years, never mind the fact I'll be in my forty's but my oldest son will be 15 and her oldest will be driving age!!! NOT happening!! We are already trying to figure out when we can have both our families meet each other.

Thank you Greg, BJ & Little Edwards for letting me stay at your beautiful house and your own little piece of heaven on earth,
Ellie thank you for letting me sleep in your bed, Damara thank you for joining us on our trip to Halifax. Luke, I'll never look at power poles the same now (however I must be honest I can't remember all the names, guess we need to visit and you can remind me :). Brett you are so fun and have such a keen eye for finding things - jellyfish, frogs, crabs.
And Cole you are so mature and a great big brother to your brothers and sisters. Thanks so much for the awesome boat rides Greg - you are a great chauffer (boat & van)and BJ thanks you so much just for being my friend and for being you! I had a great time and can't wait till we can do it again.

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