Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Driveway Old & New

We recently had our driveway asphalted and it is so much nicer now in so many ways. DH was often saying he'd like to get rid of the crushed rock and have it all paved. His pet peeve was the rocks getting onto the concrete and having to constantly sweep them off. I (as the main snow clearer) hated when the snow would melt in the spring and there would be rocks all over the grass from a season of clearing snow off the driveway. The kids, I'm sure it goes without saying, did not like riding on the rock, falling and nursing their scrapes. Therefore when a young man came to the door and offered to give an estimate on asphalting the driveway ....I was ecstatic. - As opposed to my usually annoyed response to telemarketers and door-to-door sales persons. Below is a picture of my driveway before with the crushed rock and concrete and another picture of the after/now product. What do you think of it?



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