Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last Day Of School

YAY!!!! It's "officially" the last day of school. I think "technically" school was already done a week ago as the kids have been bringing home all their paraphernalia for the last week+. Yesterday was a talent show and today is a Canada Day celebration where the kids are going to be parading around the neighborhood with Canadian and provincial flags. I'm sure the kids will be looking forward to Mom NOT coming in every morning to get them up & dressed and I personally will be looking forward to not having to make lunches every evening/morning. I know that the summer will go by fast and next fall I'll have three kids in school (2 full-time and Liam 2x/week. We don't have a lot planned for the summer but are planning on taking a 3 day family trip in July and daily swimming lessons in August. And as Mom & Dad work much of the summer the kids are also looking forward to spending some time out in the country with their grandparents and cousins. Have a great summer! Do you have anything special planned for this summer break?

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