Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Day of Summer

Yay! It is officially summer...and it feels like it! :) For the past week the weather has been beautiful. Temps in the mid - high 20's. Yesterday I was even swimming in a friends pool and the water was nice and warm as opposed to what would have been a "polar bear swim" just a few weeks ago. This spring/summer 2009 has been crazy - it feels like we went straight from a winter that wouldn't end to summer! For example on the May long weekend this year it SNOWED!!! I was looking at my wedding photograghs from 9 years ago and I had to reming myself I also got married on the May long weekend but by looking at the pics and green grass you'd think it was June. Also this year, I didn't put my plants in till the first week of June this year as it was so cold in the mornings and overnight. Yet still, what happened....I lost several plants to frost that 1st week of June. Now my plants need regular watering as the are growing like crazy and by the end of the scorching days are wilting from the heat. But don't get me wrong...I am NOT complaining!!! After a 6 month cold streak that wouldn't seem to end, I'll gladly water my plants every evening and sweat in the heat and humidity before you'll hear me complaining!! Happy Summer 2009. Hope it is a great year.

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