Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Yet :(

Many of you that have either talked to me recently or have read my blog recently would have known that this past weekend was when we were to pick Cookie up and bring her home. That would have been on Sunday to be exact. Well, we had an unfortunate turn of events. On the Wednesday last week (4 days before we were to pick Cookie up) I received a phone call from her owner. She told me that the day before, her husband had the puppies outside and unfortunately our little Cookie got underfoot and got her leg stepped on resulting in a broken leg. Meaning it would be about 6 -8 weeks before she could leave her Eriksdale home. Val (the owner) explained that if we want our deposit back she'd understand or perhaps we'd want to pick a different puppy... My first thought was this is the one we picked and this is the one we still want. However I knew the kids were excited to get a puppy and bring it home and show everyone their new puppy. We had already gone shopping and bought her bed, toys, leash, dishes, etc. So I thought the kids would like to pick a different puppy that could come home now. Well, after I talked to the kids I found out how wrong I was. After they were done crying they explained how Cookie was already a part of our family and they wanted to wait until SHE was able to come home. Basically they had made a commitment to her "in sickness and in health". We went to visit Cookie (and the other puppies) on Sunday. Wow are they ever getting big. I was surprised how well Cookie was doing. They kept her in a separate kennel from the other pups but when she had her own space she was put on the floor and she walked very well. She has been putting more and more weight on her back leg and is definitely still a puppy at heart and loves to play. She doesn't have a cast or splint and the leg seems to be healing up well. Her next xray appt with the vet is July 15. I guess after that we'll see how soon after we can bring her home. Here are some pics from our last visit.
The remaining 4 puppies sleeping in their area in the middle of the living room.
Cookie in her kennel where she is kept seperate from the other pups until her leg heals.
Autumn visiting Cookie on the chair.
Wynn & Cookie.

Liam & I playing with Cookie on the floor with a tie from my shirt.

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