Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Puppy Tales

3 Weeks Old
As I've mentioned before we are in the process of getting a puppy. It will be a Schitzu/Bichon cross. Two weeks ago (May 31) was our first visit out to see the puppies. This weekend (June 14) we will go out again and they will be 5 weeks old. Around about the age their personalities start to emerge. Therefore we will choose which puppy we want to purchase and pay our deposit. More pics to follow of this upcoming visit. Here are some pics of 2 weeks ago. aren't they so cute!?

The father is the dark Shitzu standing up on the fence.

In this picture you see the mother who is Bichon.
This is a grown dog from a previous litter. The owner brought him to visit so we could see what our puppy will grow up to look like.

5 Weeks Old

Each of the kids had their favorite puppy. A) Liam liked "Snowball",
B) Wynn liked "Cookie",
and Autumn liked "Oreo". Now which one will it be ??!!? The white one was very playful. Cookie was also playful but someone else was kinda hoping we wouldn't choose her as that is the puppy they wanted. Oreo is the one we originally thought we wanted from looking at the early pictures. He was actually very cuddly and Autumn wouldn't let him get very far from her grasp.
After much debate and tears shed....Cookie was the one we chose. Two more weeks (June 28) and we'll bring her home. Now to go shopping for puppy necessities and accessories.
Again here is a grown Schitzu/Bichon....cute egh! :)

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