Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Like many of you with kids can attest to I'm sure, I'm not always great at getting things done when I want to. I have great intentions but often put more on my plate than can handle. Well, I finally got around to doing somestuff with the kids that I keep TALKING about.

We finally got around to making more stepping stones with the kids' names and handprints. I made one with Wynn when he was 3 years old (now 7)which you can see at the top. It is a different color as it is dry and the others are still wet. Liam made one (2 years old) and Autumn made one also (4 years old). There was just a little mixed concrete left so mom made one too.

And we also painted some rocks I've had sitting in a pile under the tree since I can't remember when. This area at the end of the deck, where nothing really grew is where I was going to/hoping to make a waterfall pond but after about 5 years of nothing happening I finally made a bed where I transplanted some of my perrenials that were getting overgrown. Unfortunately they don't seem to be making it very well or just off to a slow start...whatever the case it seems like a good place for the kids rock garden until we figure out what to do here and just what will grow here.

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