Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Some Progress (see May 19, 2008)

My house from the street. Now the apple tree is in full bloom. The edging still isn't up around the tree yet....THe flowers are starting to grow more now.

Now it (the edging) is! :)

Another shot of the house from the side as I was walking around the block.

This is the bed at the corner of the driveway (Wynn's garden). In the center the lilies are starting to grow...finally.

This is the bed at the opposite side of the front lawn (Autumn's garden). The big bushy plants on either side are delphiniums. They are beautiful. When they are in bloom, the big purple flowers are the first thing you see as you round the corner onto our street.

My tulip bed (Liam's garden) in full bloom. This was taken a couple days ago so now the tulip petals are starting to fall off and the lilies in the center are getting taller. I'll have to get some colorful bedding plants to put in here once the colorful show from the tulips is gone.

My garden after I finally got it cultivated and the beds raked and raised. I bet those of you who saw the before pic don't even recognize it as the same place.

My lilies are really starting to sprout up everywhere (:D) here in my perennial bed in the backyard and it is really starting to fill in.

Finally, my shade garden in the back, it to is starting to come alive finally as my hostas and ferns are sprouting out of the ground.

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