Monday, June 30, 2008

Pics Of New Zealand

On the east coast (Pacific Ocean) - seashells everywhere!

This is leaving the beach, looking up the hillside.

The windy, cold, west coast (Tasman Sea)

View of Downtown from the Harbour Bridge

A jumper ready to jump from the observation deck of the SkyTower, a 192m leap, fall for approx. 14 seconds at around 85kph!

Matt & I standing on glass floor 192m above the ground.

With a Maori warrior at a cultural performance we went to see at the museum.

The ferry we went on that crosses the Auckland Harbour (from the pacific Ocean) to Devonport (another peninsula)

A cool tree in Devonport.


One Tree Hill - One of many extinct volcanoes, this one rising 183 metres above sea level.

One Tree Hill - sheep on hillside

Sheep crossing the road

Me atop One Tree Hill with downtown in the distance.

The orange trees in front of my Uncle and Aunt's house where we are staying.

My Aunt and Uncle's house and their gardens still flowering in the winter!

My cousins, Craig and Paul, sons of Uncle Gary and Aunt Betty. We are the only four cousins on this side of the family....finally got to meet each other.

Left to right- Me, Aunt Betty, Uncle Gary, Mom, Matt

Uncle Brian & I

Me with my half-sister, Vicky, who is two years older.

A palm tree, this is a common site in front yards and alond the road side.


J said...

Rach - these pictures are amazing!!! Gorgeous vacation you got there! So glad you are having such a wonderful trip. You look fabulous, my dear! Thanks for sharing these pics online! Chat soon!

BJ said...

Wow, Rach! Thanks so much for posting these pictures. Your head is going to be reeling for weeks just putting together everything you experienced and saw....and meeting family members - esp. siblings! That must have been a really neat experience! Vicky looks so much like your mom! What a beautiful country. Looking forward to a chat soon. Love you!