Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm Still Here...

Wow, it's Friday again and I didn't post all week. This week has just been so busy. In addition to getting things packed for my trip (that I still can't entirely believe is really happening in just TWO MORE SLEEPS... I have been busy cleaning the house, organizing the kids clothing drawers so hubby can find things when I'm not here to rummage through the mess, mowing the lawn and weeding the gardens.... Stuff that needs to be done as I won't be here for 2 weeks and hubby will be out in the country with the kids for 1 week, and kids stuff as everything is winding up now. My youngest had his play group wind-up party on Tuesday, Autumn had her preschool graduation on Thursday and her first Literacy Links meeting (1 of 8 meetings to prepare for kindergarten). I went grocery shopping with the kids on Wednesday. Today was the last day I will be taking Wynn to school this year and picking him up. Tomorrow Wynn has his Soccer Jamboree where do their wind-up and he gets his pictures and trophee.

Everything is really starting to bloom now and it is so hot these days. I even noticed they were filling the public pools today. My lilies and poppies both look like they are ready to pop anytime now. Hopefully if they do, somebody can take some pictures for me as I'm not cancelling my trip for that.

The internet is an awesome thing, so even when I'm half-way around the world I will still be able to read other blogs and keep in touch as well as post to this blog. At least that is my hope, to post pics and notes here DURING my trip so you don't have to wait until AFTER I get back to see how we are doing.

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