Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I've been going to a new church the last three weeks and am really enjoying it. They meet in a school, the congregation is mostly of a younger generation (even the pastor is 31; married with 2 kids). I feel very at home here and have already met several people that came up to me and introduced themselves. As well, my kids really enjoy the kids program and even enjoy helping "tear down" every week (I mentioned it was in a school, right?!) This past Sunday was their church picnic and it was a lot of fun. Here are some pics:

In order you see pics of us eating (the picnic is at a Mennonite Bible Campground), face painting, hayride that went along the riverside through the forest (beautiful!), a bouncer for the kids AND
the picture to the left is the pastor getting dunked. :)

Also, the worship team has entered a contest on the local Christian music radio station. Of course the winner is decided upon by who ever get the most votes. Oasis' song is called Love Is The Revolution. You can listen to all nine band entries here. You need to be a member of the Halo Advantage Club to listen to and vote on the songs. Don't worry it is free, easy, and you won't get your name on any annoying mailing lists. After registering, just click on the tab at the top that says "Contests"; next click "Quest For The Best" and the go about halfway down the page and where you see the red lettering that says "click to vote", click here. And voila! Now just listen and I'm asking that you please help us by voting for your favorite which I hope is "Love Is The Revolution". ;) The top band will pick up a THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of prizing from Quest Musique. The winning group's single will get some spins on CHVN (the christian radio station) and will be featured on CMC Distribution's "Sea to Sea" compilation – a cd shipped to Christian bookstores across Canada. And, they'll be the opening band for the Building 429 concert on June 20th at the Red River Exhibition!

Thanks for your vote. I'm hoping you are all having a great summer. Part of the reason I'm never online much is that I'm outside so much lately in the gardens or yard. My poor house it is started to show its neglect.


BJ said...

Hey, great pics of your gardens. I LOVE the idea of naming each of your gardens! I don't have enough yet to name one after each of my kids. Maybe I'll just plant a tree for each of them instead. :) Anyway, is this the same church you sent me the link to before? I thought it was church of the Rock or something like that....which church had the marriage seminar? I'm confused....Love ya!

Rachael said...

Hey BJ! Sorry to confuse you...yes the other church I sent you the link for was Church Of The Rock and yes that's the one that had the marriage seminar. The link for this church of which I spoke in my post is called Oasis Community Church and I left a link for it on this post. The Church of the Rock is just sooooo big on Sundays I don't think I'll keep going there but defenitly on Saturday evening I'll go whenever I can. However this church (Oasis) is closer, smaller and the one the kids and I now attend on Sunday mornings. I believe I mentioned the series on parenting and also relationships...that is at this church. Hope that helps, sorry to cause you any confusion.