Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Fun Day

Wow, the day is almost done and I accomplished .....nothing; zilch; nada; zip....but I had fun. Just after lunch mom picked the kids and me up and we went downtown to the IMAX theater to see Madagascar 2 . It was hilarious and a definite must to buy and add to our library once it is out in stores. Have any of you seen it? The kids love theaters anyway but this was awesome. With the screen so big and the surround sound, it was like being there. Unfortunatley, since Cliff had to work and Ted was also working, we ventured through the mall and then went out for supper to Applebee's.

Now we are back home, it is back to the real world. Gotta make a casserole with some of the leftovers in my fridge and get kids ready for bed. I'm looking forward to going to church as we haven't been there for a couple weeks with work and the holidays. Also it is hard to believe that school (and everything else) will be starting up again the day after tomorrow.

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