Sunday, January 4, 2009


That is what we have to write in the patients charts at work when we want to chart something later than when it actually happened. Last month we went to the Assiniboine Valley Railway as an outing with Wynn's Beaver's group. I had every intention of blogging about it but as you can see, it never happened. I finally got the pics on my computer and figured better late than never. The kids were all so excited to go. Even I was looking forward to it as I've been in Winnipeg 12 years now and still never gone here. When you drive past their treed in lot all you can see are Christmas light covered arches going down the driveway and disappearing into the trees Who would have known what lay beyond those arches.... A seven acre property with a one mile railway track for a 1/8 scale miniature train on a 7.5 inch gauge railway. Each Christmas they have a Christmas Light Run and you can ride the train and enjoy the over 95,000 lights they had this year. Unfortunately it was soooo cold that even the tracks were too cold for the train to run properly so they were only taking about 4-5 people at a time and rather than using both our tickets we only used one and will have to go back later when it is warmer. However we did get a few pictures before we froze solid and had to go home for hot chocolate and thaw out.

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