Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone out there! Sorry about the sudden stop in posting, I honestly don't know where the last two months of the year (2008) went. Busy with work and family and Christmas preparations but even with all that I'm sure I could of had time for blogging......?????.......Anyway......
A few people have asked me re my New Year's Resolution(s) and I honestly couldn't tell them. Well, since a chat with a very good and wise friend of mine, I think I can honestly say I now know my resolution....To make regular (monthly?) "ME" time. "Taking time for yourself will contribute to better parenting." I know this in my mind but it is hard to put into practice.
Oh my, look at the time, end of night shift and time to go. I'll be back later. Have you any New Year's Resolutions?

1 comment:

BJ said...

Me's always a
Connundrum for me. Sure
i like a break once in a
while, but never as often
or as long as others think
i need. I AM a better wife
And mom when i have one
for sure. Hope you find
Your time this year.