Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Too bad that when I "think about" writing on my blog it doesn't happen (telepathy ?). It's not that I haven't thought about writing on my blog but rather I just haven't had the time to spare to sit in front of my comp and henpeck on my keyboard. Up until just the last few days our weather has been unpredictable with snow and frost overnight and chilly days intermixed with some warmer days. Just the past couple of days I've been wearing shorts and sunscreen to avoid getting a sunburn as all I want to do is stay outside. Today I started planting my garden and Friday I'm looking forward to going to the greenhouses and getting my flowers. Needless to say I'm making my lists and checking them twice. :)

My kids are getting to the age wear I'm one of those moms I'd always hear about driving their kids everywhere. The bad thing is that only two of them are old enough for most activities...just I wait until it is all three!!.....I'm actually enjoying the fact that summer is approaching and so several things are winding up so I'm not out every night. Monday Wynn goes to Cubs, Tuesday Autumn has rhythmic gymnastics and Wynn soccer, Wed eves are now free :), Thurs Wynn has soccer and Friday all three kids have swimming lessons. This past Tuesday, rather than her regular gymnastics class Autumn had assessment as she is old enough to start competitive classes in the fall. She is WAYYY more flexible than I am or ever was...she can do (and enjoys) both side and middle splits.

This weekend we are going out to Cliff's parents place to visit them but also to visit our puppy that we are getting from a breeder out there. It is a Schitzu/ Bichon cross. The pups will be three weeks old this weekend. We will pick out our puppy and get to bring it home with us at the age of 7 weeks.....just before the end of school. It's hard to believe that the school year is almost over. June also holds many other exciting days - circus, church picnic, surprise birthday party for a friend, Autumn's Sparks sleepover... Hopefully I will get around to blogging about them. We have two weeks off in the summer and are trying to decide if when are going to drive out west the. Do you have any exciting plans now the warm weather is here?

Also as a note re exciting news....My Liam boy is wearing underpants and although he still has accidents, his doing VERY good about going pee & poop on the potty and even telling me when he has to go rather than mom trying to remember to take him to try every couple hours. He's quite proud of himself. I must admit I was getting worried as he'll be starting preschool in the fall and he was still in pull-ups.

Sorry not very exciting but I just wanted to let you know why I've been sluffing off here.

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