Friday, May 8, 2009

Tales From The Laundry Room

It all started last week when my neighbors dryer apparently bought the biscuit and she asked if she'd be able to bring her wet washed clothes over and use my dryer.....SURE! I replied. Little did I know that on Friday while I was doing laundry, when I went down stairs to put my clothes in the dryer and start another load as this one should have be done for some time now. I lifted the lid on the washer to find a tub full of water and clothes. Oh no, did the button get pushed off....nope, is the dial stuck...nope, breaker blown....nope, I couldn't seem to find a simple solution. Seeing as how this was Friday evening and we wouldn't be able to get a repairman to come and look at it till after the weekend, we emptied the washer with a wet-dry vac. Can you imagine how that much standing water would stink after sitting for 3 days. Good thing my dryer still worked and I could dry these wet clothes sitting here. As I looked down at the days of laundry unable to wash any of it, two words came to mind - JOYCE, HELP! (that would be my neighbor). You can imagine with three young children and two nurses that wear a different uniform everyday and then change into street clothes after work that I need to do laundry about every other day. Well good thing we are good neighbors, for the next 5 days until out new appliances were delivered I used Joyce's washer and she'd use my dryer. :) We had figured that it was probably the pump that was gone on our washer and hopefully it could get fixed relatively inexpensively. Think again we were told, by the time we paid for someone to come out, look at it, and fix it, we might as well by a new one. So we did, we upgraded our top loading washer AND dryer (which was starting to make squeaky noises and we figured it's days were numbered) to a front loading pair...pretty! :)


My laundry room is actually also the storage room/ utility room so I had to clean out the room of the boxes, totes and bookshelves with books so the delivery men could actually get the old ones out and the new ones in. As I look as the room now with everything out, it looks so roomy and so much more like a laundry room. As I was moving all this stuff out, there was alot of stuff I thought "why do we have/keep/or need this?" and definitely don't plan on moving it back downstairs. Having to move stuff is a good way of making yourself go through stuff and clean dust bunnies you never seem to get to. Here are a coupe pictures of the room and a close-up of the "laundry area" as it looks now. Just looking at it gives me visions of how to "finish" and decorate it. Also it reminds me of a conversation with a friend and gives me inspiration to put up some shelves, lay some mats/flooring and splash a bit of paint.

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