Monday, May 11, 2009

Nurses week May 11 - 17

Canada's National Nursing Week will be May 11-17, 2009. Use the week as opportunity to show appreciation for the vital role that nurses play in the health care system and in the life of every Canadian.
Nurses world-wide are recognized each year in May during Nurses Week. The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) has chosen as this year's national theme, Nursing: You can't live without it!
"National Nursing Week provides an opportunity to celebrate all nursing professions and recognize the diversity and complexity of the roles [nurses play]. It also gives the public an opportunity to understand and appreciate the contributions nurses make to people's health and well-being," notes Alberta RN magazine (April 2009, V65 N4, p. 20) Read more: "National Nursing Week 2009 in Canada: Nursing - You Can’t Live Without It! is Canadian Theme" -

Both my husband and I are nurses and between the two of us we have worked in a variety of nursing fields including Palliative Care, Geriatric Long-Term Care, Stroke Rehab, Acute Brain Injury Rehab, Special Needs, Alzheimer's Care, Community Health Nurse visiting new moms & babies. During these years of experience I must say that I admire my fellow nurses/mentors, especially those with years of experience. Watching them now and even looking back on my years as a Health Care Aide on the medical/surgical units I have to agree with a quote I recently read by a nursing historian, Joan Lynaugh, when she said, "Most people know they can't get into a hospital without a doctor. What they don't know is that they won't get out of one - atleadt not alive - without a nurse."

This week tell your local nurses just how much you appreciate them! Especially with the staff shortages these days, nursing can be a very stressful occupation (as I'm sure many are)...bring a smile to a nurse's face today.

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