Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Maze In Corn

Wynn's Beaver's group had a field trip the A Maze In Corn and family were invited to attend. And that's just what we did! :) The two days prior to our trip the weather was rainy and cloudy :( thus the trails were muddy and very slick. (I can say that from first hand experience as I fell on my knees when I was trying to go up the stairs to the lookout.) The longer you walked, the heavier your feet got as the mud and corn stalks caked on the bottom of your boots. But it was fun none the less. This is the tenth year for the Corn Maze since they opened in 1998. Each year they design a new maze with a different theme. Past examples have been Lost Towns of Manitoba, The Survivor Challenge, and a Solar Search (planets). This year it was Disney Movies. There is a scavenger hunt related to the theme where you have to find all the stations hidden in the maze and hole punch your paper when it is found. Each station has a different shaped punch , so no cheating!
We got to the site and 6:30 pm, and by the time we were organized, paid, ect and ready to start it was 7:00 pm and getting dark. Plus, the corn maze itself seemed so much darker because it was not all lit up as was the ticket stand shown in this picture. The difference was like the difference between nightfall in the city (lots of lights) and the country (few to no lights). We all had flashlights
so away we went for 1 hour on a mission to find all ten stations. We managed to find three (four if you count the one we found twice.) I sure we must have passed other stations but just didn't see them because it was so dark!
The Beavers and Gang waiting for the leaders to pay our tickets. My little ones are in the front L to R - Wynn (in the grat & black jacket on the left is hugging his friend from kindergarten and fellow Beaver, Carter), Autumn (in the blue jacket & pink hat), and Liam (standing and holding orange flashlight by face).

After the maze, we all went to the campfiresite for hot chocolate. Too bad it was so dark and hard to take pictures. We will have to go back again but next time earlier in the day so it is still light. Guess it will have to be next year as the season is almost over.
Along with the corn maze other ways to enjoy the farm experience are a giant hay bale pyramid over 20 feet high (my pic was too dark), pony rides, horse-drawn hayrides, the pumpkin barn, and a petting zoo.

All packed in the van and going home!

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