Wednesday, October 17, 2007

No News Is Good News....Right?

I've been looking at other blogs recently. They are all so interesting and the writer always seems to have something to say. The one thing I'm finding difficult as I try to start this blog is...."What do I write?". How do I make this something that others will want to look at? Eventually, when there is something worth coming to this site to see, how did I get readers? I'm sure as a mother of three young children, a part-time nurse, and a wife of a full-time nurse, there must be a least a few interesting happenings in my crazy life. So many times we don't realize what we've got until it is gone. So if nothing else, maybe deciding what to blog about each day (my goal) will get me to look deeper and see God's hidden messages and blessings in the busy grind of my daily life.

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BJ said...

Don't try too hard. Sometimes just a picture, or a link. Have you seen some of the memes? What about a theme day, like Menu Monday, Works For Me Wednesday, or Thankful Thursday. You'll find your groove. I still think I only have a handful of people reading, but that's ok. I'm doing it for me, not to be impressive. And the important ones (you) are still reading! :)