Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Under Constuction

Please bear with me as I try to change things around and one day they may be there and the next day not. Andrea if you are reading this now, maybe I can pick your computer literate brain and ask you for some HELP! To start of with, what is the difference between blog templates and blog skins?


Andrea R said...

The short answer: not much. :)

A template will have everything you need to just dump it in place. A skin sometimes refers to the same thing, but it may also be just the stylesheet section of Blogger's templates. (the stuff at the top between the style tags).

So, template/skin doesn't matter much as long as it says it's for Blogger, because their templating system is different than others.

Here's a handy site:

BJ said...

Ok, you have officially connected with the right person. I was starting to sweat with some of the last few technical things you asked me about. :D