Tuesday, November 13, 2007

42 Sleeps Left!

Normally around this time of year I can proudly say I'm almost done my Christmas shopping. Not this year... Instead, not counting somethings I ordered in the mail a couple months ago, I just started my shopping yesterday. I'm not sure why I'm so slow getting started and organized this year. Perhaps it is the lack of snow on the ground, perhaps I'm sidetracked with other things (like painting my house, perhaps I'm just procrastinating and that is all there is to it. Whatever the case (the latter is prob the closest), I need to get organized. How about you? Are you ready for Christmas to come in 42 sleeps?


Andrea R said...

Um......... no. :D

If you are behind then I must be toast. There's been more than one year where we did the shopping in December 20-something.

I culled a lot from my buy list, and send out a huge load of cards instead. I have to get on that.

BJ said...

I likely won't be shopping until later in December. I would *like* to get it done through the year, but it never happens. So this year, we'll be doing as we've always done. Making one trip in, getting most of it done, in one fell swoop. Likely in the 20-somethings of December, Andrea!