Monday, November 26, 2007

I Can't Believe It...Actually I Can!

What an ordeal that was! This used to be where we had a sliding patio door. It was soo cold in the winter, we had to put plastic inside and outside because until then you could feel the cold air radiating through. We got it changed to an insulated garden door with brass grills to match the rest of the windows. Sounds easy enough, right. NOT! When the installers started removing the frame of the old door, part of the wall started cracking and falling! Needless to say, the guy inside yelled to the guy outside to "STOP" and said in a confused tone, "This isn't supposed to happen!?" When you build a door, you are supposed to have a header that holds the wall up and THEN the frame is inserted. There was no header so the door is all that was holding the wall up. So they just inserted it temporarily and came back with all the tools/items they needed two days later and constructed a header, put up new drywall and inserted the door correctly and sealed it. This picture doesn't actually make it look too bad, but you can see where the piece about 3'' high is above the door that was replaced. Sooner than later I'll have to get around to painting that part of the wall white like the rest. The guys kept apologizing but I more than understood. In fact, I just shook my head and told Cliff, "Now you have another (true) story of the peculiarities of this house." Honestly, we have come across so many goof-ups of when this place was built or renovated - windows, plumbing, structural just to name a few. On a positive note, we were lucky to get the door changed just before the snow came to stay.

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BJ said...

Wow! That's excitement for you! So do you guys ever NOT have a white Christmas?