Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ta - Da!

After checking several stores and not being able to find a microwave (who would have thought...), we finally went to Home Depot (one of my favorite stores:) ). The problem then wasn't IS there one, but rather WHICH one. Well, we finally decided and there it is on the left. It is a combination microwave/convection oven. I must admit I've never used a convection oven and so was a little hesitant at first but Hubby thought this would be easier as well as more energy efficient. I'm open to trying new things, especially if they make things easier for me in the long run! :) Have any of you ever used a convection oven? Are there certain things you prefer baking or cooking in it? I'll have to let you know how it goes.

In other news, my mother, my kids, and I went to attend a Saturday evening service at Church Of The Rock, yesterday evening. A boy who is in Wynn's grade 1 class and his family attend so it was nice to know someone there. The kids really enjoyed and so did both I and my mom. I enjoyed the music, the service, and the mood/environment. My 4 year old daughter and her friend were dancing in the aisle during Praise & Worship and all the kids enjoyed the kids ministry. I'm hoping to go back this coming Saturday and there is also a home-group near where we live that I would like to find out more about and hopefully attend. More than anything, I would really like to go as a family (moi, Hubby, & kids). I think DH would probably like it. He grew up in the Catholic church and now doesn't have much to do with church. He does not agree with the Catholic teaching but whenever he's gone to a more charasmatic church with me, he has been uncomfortable and for lack of better words, "freaked out". The pastor and the congregation are of a younger generation and I think he may feel more comfortable getting back into the church setting here. Last night's service was on Acts chapter 1 and us being "Transformers" It was very good and the pastor was very down to earth, real, and in his own way - funny. Here is a joke for you - (Q) What do you call a transformer's sister? (A) a transister :D.

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BJ said...

What a beautiful microwave! Yay for pretty appliances!! As far as convection ovens go, we had one at our house on Smythe St., and I really liked it. I tended to bake with the normal setting, but I roasted with the convection setting.