Wednesday, November 14, 2007

First one completed!

I finally finished typing my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. And even posted it to my blog as well as the master list for this meme. I found the home for this meme at this website. Others who are participating in this meme and there lists can be found here.

For this meme, I would like to tag BJ and Andrea, if they have time and would like to participate. I'll send a message to those who have been tagged to let then know.


Andrea R said...

I have a list of 1,001 things to I need to do ASAP, does that count? :D

Rachael said...

Absolutely!! So does that mean you accept the "tag"? I guess that means making a list of "101 things" to be done over a time of 1001 days will be no problem for you to make. Rather, the problem may be deciding how to narrow the list down. :)

Andrea said...

And in response... HAHAHAHAHA! :D My list is HUGE and more like "things to do someday - now or when I get to it". Organizing them would be a nightmare. (I should blog about my lists)

I have:
a small pocket/purse-sized notebook for on the fly lists and urgent today ones
a 5 subject notebook, some section by category (Christmas is at the back- the last couple year's worth), almost full
a smaller notebook I am trying to transfer to
another notebook for technical site-related stuff with 3-4 pages of items, but Ron said the notebook was his, so we're still arguing over it ;P
random sticky notes all over the place
a whiteboard and a bulletin board in the office
a blank desk-sized calendar page on the fridge we fill in for general things

some things stay on there long enough for me to change my mind and decide I ether don;t want to do it anymore, or it was a bad idea or there's no point now. (example: I was supposed to call a couple friends last December.... should I keep that on my list? :D)

I'm mostly giving you a hard time / having fun. :D I've seen variations of these lists all over the place (30 in 30 days for example, or a 101).

So I meant to ask - where are you now?