Monday, November 5, 2007

Winter Is Here

We had are first full-fledged snowstorm today. Just let me say that I was less than pleased. I guess I should face the facts that it IS the first week of November already and I am thankful that it waited until after Halloween for the kid's sake.
...Make that "yesterday's snowstorm!" I barely got started typing this yesterday and obviously never got around to finishing it. Old Man Winter has a very sick sense of humour. He apparently figured I needed to walk to & from school in a blizzard. When the kids and I left home at 3:00 to go get Wynn from school it wasn't snowing except for maybe a couple flakes blowing around. But after only a couple minutes into our 15-20 minute walk I felt like I was already in the middle of winter. The wind was so strong and there was so much snow coming down like crazy hitting us in the face that Autumn had trouble steering her bike, Liam was crying as he was in the stoller getting snow smacking him in the face, and I was doing eveything I could to stay warm and get us there. Then just as we reached Wynn's school it was like someone turned a switch off and the sky was blue. I don't know if it was just so Wynn would believe us or what but as we left the school after picking Wynn up, the snow had started again and the wind came up and it was the same senario on the way home. Except, thankfully, this time at least the wind was at our backs.

Part of the reason, besides procrastination, that I didn't get around to posting until so late that I couldn't even finish what I had started was that I was busy cleaning up my house. I want to post various pics of inside my house so you can understand what I'm saying when I speak of renovations. A dear friend of mine has been offering decorating advice with out even knowing very much about the rooms of which she's trying to "decorate". Hope this helps (once I actually get the pics posted). If nothing else, it gave me the motivation I need to get various housecleaning jobs done that I've been putting off for too long. For example, my daughter, Autumn's, room. Her floor was so cluttered with all her various toys on her floor, that she didn't have much of a floor to be seen. Autumn's room also has a good sized closet with shelves on one side and a bar for a clothes hanger on the other side and lots of room underneath. Until yesterday, that "room underneath" was basically a "catch all" for various things that we didn't know what to do with. I finally organized things so that there are blankets and clothes on the shelving side and the other side was emptied and now has many of Autumn's larger clunky toys (ie doll swing, highchair, & playpen) that she doesn't use much. Other things in the room were hung up, put away, straightened up and the end result is amazing. Her room looks so much bigger and roomy. I just like to stand there and admire the room except the kids see me and ask, "Mom, what are you staring at?" I also finished the family area downstairs that hubby started a few days ago but never finished. The before and after difference in it is also WOW!

Thank-you to those who participated in my survey, the results were tied for a family devotional time in the evening or at bedtime. And no votes for mealtime. We had our first devotional last night. Hubby was working until 11:30 pm so it was just the kids and me. We did it just before they went to bed. They really enjoyed it. I'm thinking maybe we will try to do it Thursday or Friday evening (just not M, T, or W as those evenings are so busy with the kids extra-curricular activites). Will let you know how it continues to go.

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