Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday Meme

I saw this on another blog and since I'm not sure what to write about other than how friggin cold it is(excuse my language but it is the first week of May!!!), I figured I'd give it a try

5 Things Found In My Purse-

~only five?!...ok here it goes

  • my wallet
  • receipts
  • pictures of my hubby & kids
  • pills (mine & DH's)
  • keys

5 Favorite Things In My Room-

  • Hubby
  • my stuffed frogs
  • a big box of old letters and cards from friends
  • my animal print (leopard print) bedding set
  • pictures of my best friend

5 Things I've Always Wanted To Do-

  • travel through Europe
  • have a beautiful backyard paradise complete with a rock waterfall, pond, pergola and stepping stone walkway.
  • own my own Victorian style home
  • ride on a cruise ship
  • go bungee jumping...ok, I like the thought of that but for real could I do it...????...besides it is more interesting/not as boring as the next thing I was thinking - have my teeth professionally cleaned.

5 Things I Am Currently Into-

  • my hubby & kids
  • my gardens
  • trying to lose weight
  • pilates
  • saving money

5 People I Want To Tag-

  • Whoever wants to respond....J?...BJ?.....?

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