Monday, May 19, 2008

A Work In Progress

Gardening season is finally here and I'm so happy to be able to get out and "play" in the dirt. I've had some requests to see pics of my gardens. At first I thought, "not yet!" but each stage in the the growing season is so beautiful and this way I can show you what I hope to do and you can see the "after pics" once it is done (hopefully :)). As you will see in some of the pics, not all my plants are planted yet but just sitting where they are to go as we just got back from the greenhouses. So on with the tour:

This is a pic of my front yard from the road. The tree you see is an ornamental apple and in a couple weeks will be adorned in beautiful white flowers. I have a taller wood edging, that I painted the same color green as the trim on the house, that I'm going to be puting around the cedar mulch at the base of the tree.

This is the other side of the driveway. The plants at the side of the house are Black-eyed Susan vines. In the garden infront of the fence with the trellises are clematis vines. In the center of the tulips is a large lily but it still hasn't come up.

Another (closer) view of the clematis garden. I am planning on putting the black scalloped edging around it like I have around the other kidney shaped gardens.

By the front door. The pink lily is a plant I got from Cliff & the kids for Mother's Day. In the frog planter is a passionfruit vine. I didn't plan on getting this plant but once I saw the flower (see next pic), I just HAD to get it.

Passionfruit flower (see above).

[WEST]Now we are in the backyard. This is under the pine tree that is infront of the deck.

[WEST]This garden is immediatly to the left of the deck and adjacent to the flowers pots in the previous picture. I made this garden last year as this was an area that the grass wasn't growing well and is kind of in a corner of the yard that we weren't sure what to do here. So I moved some perennials from the the other garden that were needing dividing and voila! Not much is growing here yet, guess they are later bloomers.

[EAST] I took this picture of my perrenial bed (original one that was here when we got the place - I've made all the others) standing infront of the above picture/bed. Much of this bed is lilies so still too early for them to be up. Infront of the shed is a shade garden - hostas, ferns, and a few other things. Again, it's too early for them yet.

[NORTH]My rock garden at the back of the yard. On this chainlink fence is a vine (Virginia Creeper) that the neighbor behind us planted. It is very nice in the summer when it is full and green, completely covers the chainlink.

[SOUTH]This is the deck and back of the house. Oneday in the future, I'd love to build a pergola over the deck. If not the entire length, than atleast halfway (from the steps to the edge of the back door).

[NORTH EAST Corner]Last but not least, my vegetable garden. Currently, it is mostly strawberries (3 rows) and weeds as I have yet to cultivate it. Once I've cultivated it I'll plant tomatoes, carrots, peas, and beans. There is a rhubarb plant in the far back corner and some perrenial green onions at the back adjacent to my perennial flower bed.

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