Thursday, May 22, 2008


I'm just so pumped, syked, estatic...not sure how to desribe how I'm feeling right now. Perhaps I could use a tem recently used by one of my dear friends - Frantasticalim!!! I finally booked my ticket for my trip out to New Brunswick this summer to attend a friend's wedding as well as have a long overdue visit with several people who are dear to me. I kept waiting and waiting for seat sales to come on that were applicable to when I want to travel and when they finally did....AHHH!! - after taxes and all, I'd still end up paying over $800. And that's if I travelled on the cheaper days rather than the days I want. So I decided to investigate and see just how many airmiles I'd need for a return trip out East in the summer....I braced for the worse and was pleasantly surprised- I had a little more than necessary to book my flight. And on the days I WANT!!! Wow! - a ticket for free basically (well actually about $180 on my visa that made up the charges for tax, travel insurance, ect) but the rest was money I'd already spent. Now just to figure out what I want to do once I get there so I can make the most of this visit (considering the last one was 8 years ago!) HMMM let me do the math - age now + 8 years later = OVER the big 4-0! AHHHH, let's NOT go there or think about that! It seems like to long to wait but I was a student long enough to know that the summer holidays "fly by". So only 2 months, 3 weeks and 6 days to go!!...but who's counting ;)

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